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*The video above is an illustration only. Subject to change based on OTR price.
Terms and conditions apply.

A hassle-free monthly instalment scheme that differs from the conventional loans:

2-Tier Plan: 9-year Auto Financing Plan. Divides by 2 Tiers.
2-Tier Plan: 1st - 6th Year: Low Instalment. 7th - 9th year: Higher Instalment
2-Tier Plan: Trade in at the end of year 6! Enjoy driving a new Toyota again with LOW instalment

2-Tier Example

*The table above is an illustration only.
Based on 90% loan of OTR Price without insurance on Vios 1.5E (AT), subject to the prevailing interest rate.


  • Lower monthly instalment for first 6 years
  • Flexible option for Tier 2 category: continue repayment OR trade-in for a new Toyota

IconFinancing Terms

Eligibility Individuals age 18 years old and above only for Private registrations
Margin of finance Maximum 90% financing , minimum loan amount applies.
Tenure 9 years

Icon2-Tier Plan FAQs

  1. What is Toyota 2-Tier Plan?
    Toyota 2-Tier Plan is our Hire Purchase plan where you enjoy lower monthly repayments in Tier 1 of the loan tenure for a new Toyota.

  2. How long is the loan tenure?
    Our Toyota 2-Tier plan is offered on a 9-year tenure for a new Toyota.

  3. How long is Tier 1 of the tenure?
    Of the 9-year tenure, Tier 1 is the first 6 years while Tier 2 is the last 3 years.

  4. What is the key different between Toyota 2-Tier Plan and a conventional Hire Purchase plan?
    Toyota 2-Tier Plan allows you to enjoy lower monthly repayments in the first 6 years of the loan term, while a conventional Hire Purchase plan requires you to pay the same monthly instalments throughout the loan term, for example:

  5. Is the interest rate fixed or variable?
    Toyota 2-Tier Plan is a fixed interest rate plan.

  6. I am a first-time car buyer. Is Toyota 2-Tier Plan for me?
    Definitely! First-time buyer or existing car owner regardless, Toyota 2-Tier Plan comes with low affordable monthly payments to get you started in owning a Toyota.

  7. How much can I borrow?
    The maximum loan is 90% of the vehicles's OTR price. There is a minimum loan amount set for each participating model financed.

  8. Can I decide the repayment period in each Tier?
    No, the period of each Tier is is pre-determined by Toyota Capital Malaysia. Tier 1 is the first 6 years and Tier 2 is the last 3 years of the 9-year tenure.

  9. Is Toyota 2-Tier Plan applicable to all Toyota models?
    No, Toyota 2-Tier Plan is not applicable to all Toyota models. We may include more models from time to time. For the current participating models, please contact our Auto-Finance Executives or register your interest now.

  10. Can I opt for early settlement of the loan before my loan's expiry date?
    Yes, you may settle your account early with us at any point of time.

  11. Am I eligible for any rebate upon early settlement of my loan for Toyota 2-Tier Plan?
    Yes, a rebate will be given upon early settlement. Kindly Contact us to find out the settlement amount (after rebate) when you are ready to settle.

  12. Do I need to pay any administrative charges for taking this Toyota 2-Tier Plan?
    Yes, minimal administrative fees will be levied.

  13. Can I divide my financing into more tiers to fit my budget?
    Yes, We also have a 3-Tier automotive financing plans for your consideration. Click here to explore the EZ Beli 3-Tier Automotive Financing Plan.

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