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Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions regarding Toyota Capital and our products and services. If you have a question for us, you may be able to get an instant answer from our FAQs below.

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Q1. What is Toyota 2-Tier Plan?
Toyota 2-Tier Plan is our latest Hire Purchase plan where you enjoy lower monthly repayments in Tier 1 of the loan tenure for a new Toyota.

Q2. How long is the loan tenure?
Our Toyota 2-Tier plan is offered on a 9-year tenure for a new Toyota.

Q3. How long is Tier 1 of the tenure?
Of the 9-year tenure, Tier 1 is the first 6 years while Tier 2 is the last 3 years.


What is the key difference between Toyota 2-Tier Plan and a conventional Hire Purchase plan?
Toyota 2-Tier Plan allows you to enjoy lower monthly repayments in the first 6 years of the loan term, while a conventional Hire Purchase plan requires you to pay the same monthly instalments throughout the loan term, for example:

Q5. Is the interest rate fixed or variable?
Toyota 2-Tier Plan is a fixed interest rate plan.

Q6. What is the prevailing interest rate for this 2-Tier Plan?
We offer attractive and competitive rates to our customers. Please contact our Marketing Officers or request an online quotation for the prevailing rate.

Q7. I am a first-time car buyer. Is Toyota 2-Tier Plan for me?
Definitely! First-time buyer or existing car owner regardless, Toyota 2-Tier Plan comes with low affordable monthly payments to get you started in owning a Toyota.

Q8. How much can I borrow?
The maximum loan is 90% of the vehicle's OTR price. There is a minimum loan amount set for each participating model financed.

Q9. Can I decide the repayment period in each Tier?
No, the period of each Tier is pre-determined by Toyota Capital Malaysia. Tier 1 is the first 6 years and Tier 2 is the last 3 years of the 9-year tenure.

Q10. Can I decide the monthly instalments in each Tier to suit my affordability?
No, the monthly instalments in each Tier are pre-determined by Toyota Capital Malaysia based on your loan amount. Affordability is assured as the instalment in Tier 1 is lower than in Tier 2.

Q11. Is Toyota 2-Tier Plan applicable to all Toyota models?
No, Toyota 2-Tier Plan is not applicable to all Toyota models. We may include more models from time to time. For the current participating models, please contact our Marketing Officers or request an online quotation for details.

Q12. I am attracted to your lower monthly payments in Tier 1. Will I be able to afford the higher payments in Tier 2?
No worries! The repayments in Tier 2 are only slightly higher than the repayments in Tier 1. Furthermore, Tier 2 only starts after 6 years into your vehicle financing.

Q13. If I cannot afford the higher repayments in Tier 2, what is my option?
You may opt for early settlement of your car loan. Just trade in your vehicle for a new Toyota, and the trade-in value can be used to offset the outstanding balance of your loan.

Q14. Can I opt for early settlement of the loan before my loan's expiry date?
Yes, you may settle your account early with us at any point of time.

Q15. Am I eligible for any rebate upon early settlement of my loan for Toyota 2-Tier Plan?
Yes, a rebate will be given upon early settlement. Kindly contact us to find out the settlement amount (after rebate) when you are ready to settle.

Q16. Do I need to pay any administrative charges for taking this Toyota 2-Tier Plan?
Yes, minimal administrative fees will be levied.

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